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Innovation for Sustainability

With rare metal-free catalytic technology, we innovate
next-generation energy devices and realize a sustainable
and decarbonized society.

Why AZUL catalyst

Embrace a brighter future with us as we lead the charge towards a sustainable, low-carbon world. Harnessing the power of renewable energy has never been more efficient or essential. Imagine a world where energy storage in vast quantities becomes the norm, where the simplicity of water electrolysis brings forth hydrogen to fuel our lives, and where synthetic fuels emerge through the smart decomposition of carbon dioxide.

AZUL Energy stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering a groundbreaking alternative to the costly and scarce rare metals that have long been the backbone of electrochemical reactions. Our innovative AZUL catalyst is a game-changer, delivering exceptional performance without relying on platinum or iridium. With AZUL, we are not just promising a solution; we are actively building the pathway to a cleaner, more efficient, and infinitely possible tomorrow.

Why AZUL catalyst

AZUL catalyst

AZUL catalyst is a rare metal-free catalyst inspired by Heme in Hemoglobin that has diverse biological functions such as detection/transportation of diatomic gases, chemical catalyst, and electron transfer.

AZUL catalyst

AZUL catalyst has the world highest level performance comparing to existing materials or reported catalysts like platinum, carbon alloy, or large cyclic molecules.

AZUL catalyst can be manufactured via the conventional chemical process and the production cost is 10 times lower than platinum catalysts in mass production phase.

AZUL catalyst

Products & Services

AZUL molecule

Discover the unparalleled potential of AZUL moleacule.
With an extensive selection from over 300 unique molecule libraries, we're dedicated to providing you with the optimal AZUL molecule tailored precisely to your system’s requirements. Elevate your technology with our cutting-edge solutions designed for maximum performance and efficiency.

AZUL catalyst

Experience the exceptional quality of our AZUL catalyst - a premium blend of AZUL molecules synergistically bonded to carbon materials. It's the ideal choice for making electrodes with your specialized processes.

AZUL catalytic electrode

Unlock the full potential of our plug-and-play solution—simply integrate it with your cell to experience our cutting-edge performance.

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  • Koju Ito

    Koju Ito

    CEO, Founder

  • Masayuki Hayashi

    Masayuki Hayashi


  • Hiroshi Yabu

    Hiroshi Yabu

    CSO, Founder

  • Hiroya Abe

    Hiroya Abe


  • Keisuke Oku

    Keisuke Oku



AZUL History

  • 2019 Jul.Founded in Miyagi, Japan
  • 2019 Oct.Selected as one of the Innovation Leaders Summit’s Top 100 Startup Companies
  • 2019 Oct.Tohoku University issued a press release about our research paper
  • 2019 Dec.Laboratory established at Tohoku University Material Solutions Center (MaSC)
  • 2020 Feb.Raised JPY 60 Million in Seed Funding
  • 2020 Jul.Featured in Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun as a next-generation battery startup
  • 2020 Nov.AZUL Energy selected for J-Startup TOHOKU
  • 2021 Jun.Raised JPY 100 Million in Pre-Series A Funding
  • 2021 Sep.Strategic capital and business alliance with De Nora S.p.A. (Italy), a global player in water electrolysis systems for hydrogen production
  • 2023 Jan.AZUL Energy visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with Minister Nishimura of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry under initiatives for the Japan-UAE Coordination Scheme for Advanced Technology (JU-CAT)
  • 2023 Feb.Business alliance agreement with Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd.
  • 2023 Jun.Azul Energy selected for 2023 U.S. Early Stage Program Sponsored by Startup Accelerator MassChallenge
  • 2024 Feb.Raised JPY 475 Million in Series A Funding


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