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AZUL Technology -Re-Designing Batteries, for Sustainable Society.


Our Goals to Achieve

Our company, AZUL Energy Inc., is established on July 11th, 2019 in order to:

  • Optimise the possibility of 'Air Battery' with our AZUL technology,
  • Realise the Circular Economy by promoting clean energies with our clean AZUL technology.

Why AZUL Energy Inc. is Established?

Batteries, as you know well, have been developed since the 18th century, Italy. An Italian physicist, Luigi Galvani, conceived the fundamental idea of electricity and his friend, Alessandro Volta, succeeded in inventing a 'Voltaic Pile’ as the first battery in the world.

However, in spite of that long-long history of development, the battery itself is being excluded from innumerable innovations found in the field of modern electronics, such as mobile devices, digital technologies.

If current batteries could become lighter in weight, thinner in scale and smarter in use,they would contribute to change our society into the real 'Sustainable Society'.

We believe that they 'Can'. And in fact, we discovered a new, clean and safe biomaterial 'AZUL' in the laboratory. 'AZUL' has an immense amount of possibilities, which can re-design the batteries to be harmless, pollution-free and cheaper in price.


For further scientific evidences, please refer to the following paper, published on the journal ‘NPG (Nature Publishing Group) Asia Materials’:

Fe azaphthalocyanine unimolecular layers (Fe AzULs) on carbon nanotubes for realizing highly active oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) catalytic electrodes.

Applicable Fields of AZUL Technology

As we mentioned above, AZUL technology can pull out the possibility of 'Air Battery' up to its maximum. And furthermore, AZUL technology can fulfill the current needs in the next-generation services below:

  • Air Battery Production/Development,
  • Wearable Devices,
  • IoT (Internet of Things).

To realise these objectives, we made decision to establish our company and run our own business for ourselves.

We would like to show our gratitude for the support provided by the Tohoku University Business Incubation Program to establish AZUL Energy Inc. as well.


Members - Koju Ito, Hiroshi Yabu, Hiroya Abe

Hiroshi Yabu

Koju Ito

Hiroya Abe

Chief Executive Officer
Koju Ito formerly served at FUJIFILM Japan. He played an active role on R&D (Research and Development) in collaboration with researchers in various universities to develop products from the ground zero. He established AZUL Energy Inc. with Hiroshi Yabu (Chief Scientific Officer) and Hiroya Abe in 2019.
Chief Scientific Officer
Hiroshi Yabu Doctor of Science
is a Professor/PI at WPI-Advanced Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University. He has been collaborating with Koju Ito for over the 10 years to drive forward the project. He would like to spread 'AZUL' technology on behalf of sustainable future and to realise his vision as a genuine business product. Co-Founder at AZUL Energy Inc..
Director & Co-Founder
Hiroya Abe Ph.D
is an Assistant Professor at Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Tohoku University. He served as a core researcher in collaboration with Hiroshi Yabu in the YABU Laboratory to discover AZUL. Co-Founder at AZUL Energy Inc..


Innovative Catalyst Technology

AZUL was discovered in the process of researching blue pigments in the laboratory. AZUL has outstanding reliability as a catalyst in comparison to that of rare earth metals employed in the FCVs (Fuel Cell Vehicles).
AZUL offers the following benefits for our sustainable future:

  • Producing high-quality batteries without rare earth metals,
  • Providing clean, safe and eco-friendly materials.
Innovative Catalyst Technology Innovative Catalyst Technology

Comparison of Catalyst Performance

In comparison to platinum catalysts and manganese-based catalysts, which are being wildly adopted in fuel cells, AZUL catalysts provide equivalent or bette performance in terms of cost as well as safety.

Functional Comparison of Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalyst

Functional Comparison of Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalyst


Producing high-quality batteries without rare earth metals,
Providing clean, safe and eco-friendly materials.

Comparison of Catalyst Performance


Our Company name and logo are inspired by a Portuguese/Spanish word ‘Azul',, which issynonym to ‘azure’in English, 'azur’in French.
Our core technology, AZUL. was found in the biomaterial laboratory while closely examining ‘Blue’ pigments. We would like to consolidate its origin (blue pigments) and the bright image that the colour ‘azure’ has (‘l’azur au ciel’, bright blue like the sky).
AZUL represents our goals to achieve: Clean Energy, Circular Economy & Eco-Friendliness.


AZUL Energy Inc.
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