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AZUL Energy and Tohoku University Launch Bio-Inspired Emergence GX Co-Creation Center

AZUL Energy Inc. and Tohoku University establish a new collaborative research institute as of April 1, 2024, aiming to develop next-generation materials and nurture talents to support green transformation (GX). The institute will focus on creating materials that enhance the efficient use of renewable energy and developing skilled professionals adept at using computational science for rapid material innovation.

  • GX Co-Creation Center

From left: Keisuke Oku, Chief Technology Officer at AZUL Energy Inc.; Koju Ito, President and CEO at AZUL Energy Inc.; Shinichi Orimo, Director of the Advanced Institute for Materials Research at Tohoku University; and Hiroshi Yabu, Professor of the Advanced Institute for Materials Research at Tohoku University. The calligraphy in the center is witten with the AZUL catalysts. "青" means blue in Japanese.


AZUL Energy and Tohoku University creat a reliable means of predicting the performance of a new and promising type of catalysts

Tohoku University researchers have created a reliable means of predicting the performance of a new and promising type of catalysts. Their breakthrough will speed up the development of efficient catalysts for both alkaline and acidic environments, thereby saving time and effort in future endeavors to create better fuel cells. Details of their research were published in the journal Chemical Science on March 15, 2024.


AZUL Energy and Tohoku University Develop Eco-Friendly Battery Using Magnesium and Paper

In a pioneering collaboration, AZUL Energy Inc. and Tohoku University have developed a new type of environmentally friendly battery termed "Metal-Air Paper Battery." Utilizing safe AZUL catalysts along with common magnesium and paper, this battery was featured in the online early access edition of the Royal Society of Chemistry, RSC Applied Interfaces, on March 18th, and was also chosen for the journal’s outside cover. Triggered by saltwater, the battery generates a voltage of 8 volts and a power output exceeding 100mW/cm². Demonstrations have shown its potential to power wearable devices like SpO2 oxygen saturation monitors and GPS sensors, with promising applications for various other wearable and emergency power supplies.


AZUL Energy and ABOUND Energy Announce Strategic and Financial Agreement to Advance Air Cathode Technologies

VANCOUVER, BC, February 26, 2024 / ABOUND Energy Inc. (“ABOUND” or the “Company”) (CSE: ABND) (OTC PINK:ZAIRF) (FSE:0E9) and AZUL Energy Inc, (“AZUL”) are pleased to jointly announce a strategic collaboration where AZUL will engage the research capabilities and development resources of ABOUND, acting as a service provider. This collaboration will further the IP of both parties and develop additional sustainable energy solutions by combining ABOUND's air cathode technology, ZaeroTex™, with AZUL's innovative non-precious metal catalyst technology.

Press Release


AZUL Energy Raised ¥475 Million ($3.2 Million) in Series A Funding

AZUL Energy has raised ¥475 million in Series A funding to promote the mass production of our proprietary catalyst/electrode sheet, and business development overseas through the network developed in the MassChallenge program


Azul Energy Selected for 2023 U.S. Early Stage Program Sponsored by Startup Accelerator MassChallenge

We are pleased to announce that Azul Energy has been selected for the 2023 U.S. Early Stage Program. This early stage acceleration program is sponsored by MassChallenge (Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts), a leading startup accelerator in the United States.


AZUL Energy is on the video that the Cabinet Office made for G7 Sendai Science and Technology Minister's Meeting

The G7 Sendai Science and Technology Minister's Meeting is currently being held in Sendai, and to coincide with this event, Japan’s Cabinet Office has posted a YouTube video about Sendai's cutting-edge initiatives. The video not only highlights Sendai’s concentration of academic resources, including the next-generation synchrotron radiation facility NanoTerasu, and the city’s urban development utilizing cutting-edge science and technology, but also includes footage about our company’s initiatives under the topic of Re-Designing Batteries.


AZUL Energy Succeeds in Significantly Increasing the Voltage and Power Density of Metal-air Batteries, a Next-Generation Energy Device

AZUL Energy has succeeded in significantly increasing the voltage and power density of metal-air batteries, which are expected to be next-generation energy devices. This achievement was selected as a Featured Article in the first issue of APL Energy, a scientific journal published by the American Physical Society.


Press release regarding the conclusion of a business alliance agreement with Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd.

We concluded a business alliance agreement with Nihon Kayaku Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Atsuhiro Wakumoto). By accelerating the mass production and commercialization of AZUL catalysts, we will contribute to solving social issues in the environmental and energy fields.


AZUL Energy visits the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with Minister Nishimura of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry under initiatives for the Japan-UAE Coordination Scheme for Advanced Technology (JU-CAT)

AZUL Energy visited Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, with Minister Nishimura of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as part of the initiatives for JU-CAT. JU-CAT is a framework that matches Japanese startups possessing cutting-edge technologies with UAE investors, enabling the startups to obtain funding and partners both in the Middle East and for broader global expansion. AZUL Energy will continue to expand its business globally while utilizing the JU-CAT scheme.

  • ロボテスEXPO2022
  • ロボテスEXPO2022
  • ロボテスEXPO2022


31 Ventures (Mitsui Fudosan) is sponsoring the award in the Ecology & Energy category at FUSE Vol. 3 DIVERS, a pitch contest for startups organized by For Startups

  • ロボテスEXPO2022
  • ロボテスEXPO2022

Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) - Selected for the Future Society Creation Project in the area of Solutions to Emerging Social Issues

"Realization of Material & Energy Circulation Technology Based on Biomass Resources."


Exhibiting at ROBOTES EXPO 2022

We are exhibiting at ROBOTES EXPO 2022, which is being held at the Fukushima Robot Test Field in Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture, on September 15 and 16. The Fukushima Robot Test Field (RTF) is a major development and demonstration base for robots. It offers an experimental environment unparalleled in the world as it aims for social implementation of robots, and we were selected as a new tenant. Going forward we will accelerate the development, demonstration, and partner search for drone batteries using RTF as a base. We look forward to seeing you at ROBOTES EXPO 2022!

  • ロボテスEXPO2022
  • ロボテスEXPO2022
  • ロボテスEXPO2022
  • ロボテスEXPO2022


Hello Tomorrow Japan Challenge 2022

Hello Tomorrow Japan Challenge 2022, a pitch contest for startups focused on deep tech organized by Hello Tomorrow Japan, selected us as one of the finalists to represent Japan and qualify for the Hello Tomorrow APAC Challenge in Singapore event held in October.


Selected for the Ichimura Foundation for New Technology’s 109th Grant for New Technology Development

Our topic of "Development of a Rare-Earth-Metal-Free Hydrogen Generation Catalyst Using Blue Pigments" was selected.


Selected for J-PARTNERSHIP, a project subsidized by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

“Stable Supply of Electricity Through the Use of Metal-air Batteries at Medical Facilities in Un-electrified Areas of Africa”


Selected for the FY2022 Fukushima Tech Create - Regional Future Realization Program

We aim to realize an ultra-high-capacity emergency power source using the ultra-high-performance, low-cost, and safe AZUL catalyst.


ESG TECH PITCH #3 - Resource Circulation

We won in the resource circulation category at ESG TECH PITCH, a pitch contest organized by CIC Japan for R&D startups, researchers, and entrepreneurs that are either in the pre-seed or seed stage.

  • ロボテスEXPO2022
  • ロボテスEXPO2022

Exhibited at Nano Tech 2022

We exhibited at "nano tech 2022" held at Tokyo Big Sight. Thank you very much for visiting our booth.

  • 宮城県国際投資セミナー
  • 宮城県国際投資セミナー
  • 宮城県国際投資セミナー

Presented research findings on new materials for next-generation energy devices using discarded sea squirt shells


Participated in the Fukushima Tech Create 2021 Startup Pitch

We participated in the Regional Future Realization Program Adopters Pitch session at the Fukushima Robot Test Field. We also exhibited and demonstrated a prototype emergency power supply at the booth in the adjoining venue. Thank you very much for visiting our booth.

  • 写真が入ります
  • 写真が入ります


Published the results of joint research with Tohoku University, Hokkaido University, and the University of Electro-Communications on catalysts for fuel cells and air batteries


Recipient of the 24th (FY2021) 77 New Business Grant from the 77 Business Support Foundation


Featured in the Chemical Daily


Won at Falling Walls Venture Qualifier Sendai 2021 and Qualified for the Main Competition (Berlin, Germany, November 2021).

Our Director & Co-founder, Hiroya Abe, won the pitch contest at Falling Walls Venture Qualifier Sendai 2021 and qualified for the main competition to be held in Berlin, Germany in November.


Entered into a strategic capital and business alliance with De Nora S.p.A. (Italy), a global player in water electrolysis systems for hydrogen production

On June 30, 2021, we entered into a capital and business alliance with Industrie De Nora S.p.A. (Head office: Italy; CEO: Paolo Dellacha; hereinafter "De Nora"), a global player in the electrochemical field actively engaged in water electrolysis systems for hydrogen production.


Selected for the FY2021 Fukushima Tech Create - Regional Future Realization Program

We aim to achieve an ultra-high-capacity emergency power source using the ultra-high-performance, low-cost, and safe AZUL catalyst.


Speaking at Morning Pitch (5/13)

Our CEO, Mr. Ito, will make a presentation at the 369th Morning Pitch "Materials Special" on May 13.
Morning Pitch ( is a pitch event held every Thursday at 7:00 AM with the goal of creating business partnerships between startups and large corporations.
Every week, five venture companies pitch to an audience of approximately 200-300 people, including large corporations, venture capitalists, and members of the media. Launched in January 2013, Morning Pitch has been held over 350 times as of December 2020, with a cumulative total of over 1,700 startups taking the stage.
Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support Co., Ltd. and Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. serve as organizers of the event.

Event Information
Event Overview:
Date: Thursday, May 13, 2021, 7:00-9:00
Method: Online streaming


Took the stage at the Green Startup Pitch and Conference, an environmental startup award event

This event included the award ceremony for the Environmental Startup Awards, newly established in FY2020 by the Ministry of the Environment to support environmental startups and accelerate the creation of innovation, and a pitch event by seven environmental startups that have achieved outstanding results.
Our CEO, Mr. Ito, spoke at the Green Startup Conference in the second session.


Selected as one of the Top 30 startups at Innovation Leaders Summit 2021

In the TOKYO CHALLENGE 100 (hereafter, “T-100”), a collaboration matching contest held in conjunction with Innovation Leaders Summit 2021 (ILS), we were selected as one of the Top 30 most popular companies and took the stage at the T-100 Top Startup Pitches (March 5).

Innovation Leaders Summit 2021

New Year's Greetings

Happy New Year! We would like to thank Ms. Miki Soma, a calligrapher from Miyagi Prefecture, for creating a wonderful work of art using blue pigment, the raw material of the AZUL catalyst, to represent our company's symbolic character of "blue."
In addition to the Covid-19 pandemic, last year was also a year in which the movement toward the realization of a decarbonized and recycling-oriented society accelerated around the world.
In 2021 we will continue to devote ourselves to the leap toward the future that is expressed in this work.
We look forward to working with you again this year.


AZUL Energy Selected for J-Startup TOHOKU

AZUL Energy has been selected as one of the 34 leading startup companies located in the six prefectures in the Tohoku region that are expected to achieve rapid growth and global success in the future. We will do our best to meet your expectations.

J-Startup TOHOKU

Discussions held for Miyagi Prefecture's New Industry Creation Support Project

Participants exchanged opinions with members of the Miyagi Prefectural Government’s Industrial Technology Institute and the Miyagi Prefecture New Industry Promotion Division regarding the Miyagi Prefecture New Industry Creation Support Project, and visited the development sites of MaSC and Yabu Laboratory at Tohoku University.

  • 宮城県新規参入新産業創出等支援事業
  • 宮城県新規参入新産業創出等支援事業
  • 宮城県新規参入新産業創出等支援事業
  • 宮城県新規参入新産業創出等支援事業

Interview with Tohoku University Startup Garage published


Featured in Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun as a next-generation battery startup


Greetings and gratitude on our first anniversary

Thanks to your support, AZUL Energy Inc. is celebrating its first anniversary.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
We will accelerate research and development of AZUL catalysts and contribute to the development of next-generation batteries such as air batteries and fuel cells.
We look forward to your continued support of AZUL Energy Inc.


Interview with EnergyShift, a media outlet specializing in electric power and clean energy


Featured in the morning edition of the Kahoku Shimpo.

Our efforts for mass production of catalysts for next-generation batteries were featured in the Kahoku Shimpo.


Featured in the morning edition of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Next-generation batteries developed by several start-up companies have entered the practical stage and were reported in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.


Seed round of funding has been raised

We are pleased to announce that we have raised funds to accelerate research and development and commercialization of high-performance catalysts for next-generation batteries.


Sendai City Business Startup Support Center – Interview with Assista published


Selected for the Ichimura Foundation for New Technology’s 104th (2nd round in FY2019) Grant for New Technology Development!

Through practical application of the AZUL catalyst, we will accelerate research and development toward the achievement of environmentally friendly, high-performance batteries that do not depend on rare earth metals.


New Year's Greetings

AZUL Energy began regular operations for the year on January 6.
In 2020, we will continue to make further efforts and devote ourselves to the development of next-generation batteries such as air batteries and fuel cells using AZUL technology.
We sincerely wish you good health and continued growth.
We look forward to working with you again in the New Year.


Participated in the Invest Miyagi Seminar

On December 18, we participated in the Invest Miyagi Seminar held at JETRO Headquarters in Tokyo.
72 people including those from foreign companies and embassies participated in the seminar, and we gave a presentation on "Innovation Creation at Tohoku University" as an example of our activities as a Tohoku University-launched startup.
During the networking session after the seminar, participants enjoyed delicious Miyagi Prefecture cuisine (beef tongue and zunda rice cakes) and local sake, and had the opportunity to interact with each other in preparation for collaboration.

  • 宮城県国際投資セミナー
  • 宮城県国際投資セミナー
  • 宮城県国際投資セミナー

Speaking at the Invest Miyagi Seminar hosted by JETRO

We will be speaking at the Invest Miyagi Seminar hosted by JETRO in Tokyo on Wednesday, December 18, sharing about "Innovation Creation at Tohoku University."



Participated in the Future Hydrogen Energy Forum in Tomiya held in Tomiya City, Miyagi Prefecture

At the Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference Tomiya Forum co-hosted by Leave a Nest Co., Ltd., we held panel discussions, short presentations, and a poster exhibition regarding our newly developed efforts to commercialize a platinum-free fuel cell catalyst.
We were able to have meaningful discussions and exchanges with people from various fields, including high school students, researchers, startups, corporations, and local governments, with the aim of realizing a hydrogen society and solving social issues in the future.

  • 未来・水素エネルギーフォーラム in 富谷
  • 未来・水素エネルギーフォーラム in 富谷

Laboratory established at Tohoku University Material Solutions Center (MaSC)

Located on Tohoku University’s Katahira Campus, Tohoku University Material Solutions Center (MaSC) aims to promote research and development of new materials that will support future society through collaboration between Tohoku University and industry. Our laboratory has been established on the 5th floor of MaSC to support our initiatives in further research and development.


Article published in the Tohoku Keizai version of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun’s morning edition

“The company has developed a low-cost battery catalyst that does not use platinum or manganese-based materials and is harmless to the human body. It is expected to be applied to air batteries and fuel cells, which are strong candidates for next-generation batteries."


Participated in MEDICA, the world's largest medical equipment trade fair held in Dusseldorf, Germany

MEDICA attracted more than 5,100 exhibitors and over 120,000 professional visitors from 130 countries around the world, mainly for business meetings.
In order to expand the potential of AZUL Energy both domestically and internationally, we actively conducted business meetings primarily related to wearable devices and medical IoT. On Thursday, November 21, the last day of MEDICA, we participated in a seminar on investment in Japan hosted by JETRO with the support of Miyagi Prefecture, where our CEO, Mr. Ito, gave a presentation. During the networking session after the seminar, we had a great opportunity to meet and interact with partner companies and research institutes in the development and application of next-generation batteries.

  • MEDICA2019
  • MEDICA2019
  • MEDICA2019

On Monday, November 18, we won the Grand Prize in the Pitch Contest at the Entrepreneur Koshien and Entrepreneur Expo [Tohoku Regional Conference]

This event is an "Entrepreneur Koshien" where students and technical college students from all over Japan who want to start a business compete with their business plans, and "Entrepreneur Expo" where local startups selected from all over Japan gather based on their mentors' discernment. The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) hosts the event and organized the ICT Mentor Platform, which aims to connect mentors and local communities with young talent and startups aiming to start or commercialize their businesses in the information and telecommunications field. This event is held as the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications/NICT Entrepreneurs' Challenge 2Days.

  • 起業家甲子園・起業家万博【東北地区大会】におけるピッチコンテスト
  • 起業家甲子園・起業家万博【東北地区大会】におけるピッチコンテスト
  • 起業家甲子園・起業家万博【東北地区大会】におけるピッチコンテスト

Tohoku University has issued a press release about our research paper


Tohoku University issued a press release about the establishment of AZUL Energy Inc.


Nikkei Inc. - Featured in the electronic edition


Selected as one of the Innovation Leaders Summit’s Top 100 Startup Companies

AZUL Energy has been selected as one of the ILS Top 100 Startups, an award given by major corporations to the top 100 most popular companies at the ILS (Innovation Leaders Summit) to be held at Toranomon Hills from October 28 to 30.
On October 28, we will have a booth at the ILS Startup Show.



Participating in Innovation Leaders Summit held at Toranomon Hills from October 28-30.

The Innovation Leaders Summit is one of Asia's largest open innovation matching events, with a total of 6,000 visitors at the previous summit.
The purpose of the event is to match the assets of major companies with startup ideas and technologies to create global innovation.